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Reading workshop is fantastic!

D.A.R.E. May 18, 2011

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D.A.R.E has been really fun.Because we got to play a lot of games and we got to meet Mr, dip lip the jar of tar and smokin Suzy.Smokin Suzy was about people who smoked and about what happens to them when they do smoke. Smoke makes your teeth yel

low,makes you have bad breath and it causes lung cancer.  Mr, Dip Lip shows what happens when you chew tobacco. When you chew tobacco you get sores,rotten teeth,and it causes tooth loss.

D.A.R.E. represents

D – Drugs

A – Abuse

R – Resistance

E – Education

they can also stand for

D – Define

A -Assess

R – Respond

E – Evaluate

them two meanings are the main ones. Them meanings help us understand what we will be learning in D.A.R.E.

One of the things I learned in D.A.R.E was Tobacco. Tobacco can really hurt someone when they are smoking it because tobacco has tar and all other kinds of things. But the most dangerous thing in tobacco is nicotine. Nicotine is is really hurtful and really addicting. Now since nicotine is in tobacco,when people try their first cigarette they start buying more and more cigarettes just because of the nicotine.

Marijuana is another thing that I learned in D.A.R.E. Marijuana causes breathing problems,it also causes colds and upper respiratory problems. Smoking marijuana affects your brain and body.It is illegal to smoke marijuana. Marijuana is ad

dictive and there is more tar in marijuana than there is in tobacco.

We also learned about alcohol,friendship, and peer pressure.One thing about alcohol is that it is illegal for any one under twenty one years old .If people

under the age of twenty one years old can get affected more severely because their body

are still growing.Alcohol is the third most dangerous drugs.

I Dawn Bracken will say NO to anyone who offers me any kind of drug.I will say NO because I do not want to get bad breath,yellow teeth,memory loss,any kind of cancer,or I would not even want to end up in jail.I hope other people will not do drugs.


My Camp Group May 16, 2011

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I thought that camp was really fun. When we got called out to the big circle to find out who are all in our group I was really scared. Who was going to be in my group? Have you ever been scared to find out who was all in your group? When I got picked to be in group one, I thought “oh no I hope some of my best friends are in my group”.Then when I was standing in line I asked Belle,Shala,Alex,and Tabitha if they were in my group and they said yes and I was so happy that I was in their group. Then when I saw one of the people that I do not really  get along with and  he was standing in group one and I thought to my self I w

ill try to get along with him at camp.So I did and it was really fun getting to be in that group.

All the people in my group were Seth,Micah,Alan,Dylan,Jared,Shala,Alex,Belle,Tabitha, and me. My group was a really fun group to be in. At the beginning of camp with our group we were all really shy to talk to some people in our group because when it would get to be lunch or dinner time we would all be scared to talk to any one besides our friends.Then after lunch we were all tal

king a little bit more to each other.

The first class we had when we got there was geology.It was fun because we got to go explore in the woods and look at things.But before that,we looked at some trees that were in the front of the building,I was walking and we were playing and having fun and then Seth held the tree leaves for him and Micah then when I walked through and it came back and hit me in the face then we all started laughing. I was also really  fun because our teacher led us to Hidden Cave,it was really fun because we saw a little water fall and we got in rocks and we got on a rock and ha

d it as a slide to go down.

The second day was really fun because our group would get a little bit of free time and we would play with the other groups and we had fun. Like when group 5 and group4 was playing baseball We would stand by our friends and watch or we would play with them.And when they were playing me and my friend Sara would

watch them and one of my friends were pitching and it hit the mud and then the bat then some of the mud flew in me and Sara’s face it was actually really funny.

During our our last class on the second day was Orientation. It was really fun because everybody had to hold hands and we had to try to get everybody through the hula hoop and through the rope without letting the rope or the hula hoop out of the circle.It was really fun but after that we all had to get in another circle and we had to hold a right hand from across the the circle then we had to hold a left hand with a different person from across the circle then we had to get all of our selves untangled without letting anybodies hand go. It was really fun.

At the end of the day of Tuesday was really fun because  we got to sing and dance with all of our friends. Then after all of the singing we had our skit assignment and it was really fun because it was about everybody asks the candy store owner if he has any of their favorite candy and he would say no to them.But the last person asks the candy store owner for his or her favorite candy and the store owner would say no I just got two suckers on a

stick.It was really fun.

Stream Study was the first class of Wednesday it was really fun because we got to go to split rocks. When we got to split rocks we were with everyone in my group and everyone in group two and we all wanted to just climb and explore all of the split rocks and squeezes. We all had so much fun because we got to slid down rocks and go through all of the squeezes. I had so much fun.

At the end of camp I saw a lot of big changes because at the beginning of camp we all wouldn’t really talk to each other but now we were all acting like we always talk to each other and we would talk  a lot like we have always talk  everyday and like we were all really good best friends. CAMP WAS REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


Me and my Dad!!!!!! April 27, 2011

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My dad and I went mushroom hunting a few days ago and we found a lot of them. At first we were just getting started and we were looking and I was looking inn one spot for 5 to 10 minutes  and didn’t see anything so I decided to go on but when I was getting to walk I found a mushroom that I was getting ready to step on.But I didn’t!!!!!!

After a while we didn’t find any thing except for a few. Then I told my dad that I wanted to go home but he said no and that I have to keep on looking.So I did and my dad saw this big cherry tree and he said there should be a lot under there.

So we looked and my dad found the first one then I found the second one and we found a lot more than that.So my dad said we should get more closer to the ground to look so we did and we found a whole bag full of them my dad and I were so happy that we found that many.

We went home after that and my mom wondered if we had some so we tricked her into believing us that we only found one so then I grabbed the bag full and showed her and she was excited that we found that many.I hope we find a lot more soon!!!!!!!!!!


Rainy Days

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I am getting tired of all the rain this month.Because the rain have been cancelling my games and practices for softball. It has also been making all of the water high so that it makes the roads flooded. Then when the roads are flooded people can hardly get around to do anything.

The rain is really getting on my nerves because there are all of these storms and high winds that is getting really disturbing. I just hope that all of the storms and wind goes away soon before camp starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Seven Years of Softball April 21, 2011

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I am telling about all of my years in softball .I am telling this because I really like softball and I have played it from T-ball through majors.


When I was in T-ball my coach was my mom and one of her old friends. My position was shortstop and 3rd base. I played really good but we lost a lot of games. Because we were only 3 or 4 years old. But we still did good for our first year.


I was about 5 or6 when I played mosquito’s. My coach was Rhianna Lukas’s mom Sammy.I played shortstop,3rd and outfield. I played mosquitoes for two years all the way up until majors.

Sammy was a really good coach.


I was in minors when I was about 6,7,or 8 years old. The first year that I played minors my coach

was Gary Hopkins. His daughter Hanna was on my team and she was the pitcher. I really wanted to be the pitcher but I was too scared to go and ask him to be a pitcher. So I just waited until next year.

The second year of minors,my coach was Sammy again. We were happy that Sammy was our coach because we really liked Sammy as our coach. That year of minors my mom asked Sammy if I could be

a pitcher and she said yes,so I became a pitcher and I got a lot of people out by pitching. Then the tournaments came and we won and we came in 1st place in the tournaments and 2nd place in the league.


In majors my first year my coach was Sammy still and I was 10 or 11 and I was still the pitcher.

Shala Spuaulding and I were the main pitchers. I pitched fast. I also played other bases except for

for outfield and catcher. We won every game besides one,and that was against Pickaway.

But in the tournaments Pickaway made it to the tournaments and we won in first place again. That was the second year in a row winning first place.

Now finally I am moving up to my 2nd year of majors. I can not wait because my dad and I have been practicing and practicing ever since I signed back up to play. My coach is Sammy again.I hope I will be the pitcher again because I have got faster ever since softball let out last year.

Softball is a really fun sport to play. I have played softball for seven years and they have been really good years. I plan on playing for a long time. I have had Sammy Lucas for all of the years besides T-ball and my first year of minors.


My Strategies for the O.A.A Test April 19, 2011

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Almost everybody is really nervous about the test coming up next week.But I am not all that worried about the O.A.A test coming up.Because I just pretend that the O.A.A test is just  like a regular test.

One of the first things that one of my teachers taught me was to look at the title because the title can help you with the main idea.She also taught me that I should look through and see if there is any foot notes or any word banks to see what specific words mean.Then right before I start to read the passage my teachers tell me that I should read the questions.

One of the first things that I am going to do on the test is skim through it then read it slowly.another thing that I am going to do is go back in the passage and underline everything that I need.I am also going to do process of elimination.The next thing I am going to do is answer all of the parts instead of answering just part of it.I think I am going to do really good on the O.A.A Test.


What Will I Score on My Test???? April 18, 2011

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I think that when Martha goes to score the tests she will not be in the greatest mood to grade the big O.A.A test. She would not want to have sloppy hand writing or any other thing that she could not read while she was grading.

I think that I will do fine on the test.Because I have been working hard and teachers have been teaching us a lot and getting us to know everything that we need to know. But I hope that this year I will do much much better than I did last year.

If I was Martha I would go crazy,because if I  had to be stuck in a room full of test that I had to grade the whole entire day I would not be really happy.Because since Martha had to be stuck in there for a whole day full of test then imagine of  me in there trying to grade test all day long,I would go crazy.


OH NO O.A.A Test Are Here:[ April 11, 2011

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I want to take the test and get it over with and we can stop thinking about it and stop worrying about how we are going to do on it.

Getting ready for the test is a lot of work because in math it is really hard taking all of those practice achievement test to see how far we have come and to see  how good we would do on the big test.

I think that it is not that hard in language arts because all you have to do is read and go back in the passage and look for the answers.

I just can’t wait until all of the O.A.A tests are done ad over with because all I want to do is relax and finally go to camp.


My Predictions March 10, 2011

In Reading Workshop my teacher Mr.McGuire is reading Freak The Mighty. So far The book has become a really exciting book. Because right now Max meets his dad.

I predict that Max‘s dad ”Killer Kane” did not kill his wife or anybody because he swore to the Bible that he did not kill Max’s mom. I think that somebody framed Killer Kane,like Max’s grandpa, because  maybe he  had  shot his daughter on accident. And he didn’t want anybody to know so he blamed it on Killer Kane.

I also predict that Killer Kane might take custody of Max because he has always wanted to be with his son and meet him. I also predict that he might be a better  person and take good care of Max.


Freak The Mighty March 2, 2011

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I don’t think that Max will benefit with other higher achievers. Because since Max can not read he would probably be better in the lower achievers so that he can get help by one of the teachers to help him read instead of just setting there and not reading.

I would be fine with ability grouping. Because if I was really bad at something I would want to get help from somebody instead of just sitting there and do nothing the whole time while every body else was done.I would also be fine with it because if the really smart kids got done and I was struggling on the first question.That would not be fun because then I would get in trouble for not getting my work done on time.So that is why I would be fine with ability grouping.